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Jordan Hayslip Design

I've spent my career thinking about how to make objects that are functional, beautiful, affordable and sustainable. 

After earning a degree in Art and English from Amherst College, I held a range of jobs that taught me invaluable lessons about the principles and purpose of design, from teaching students to shape surfboards in Hawaii to building sets for weddings in Los Angeles.

Over the last decade, I have developed a particular passion for practical, affordable, sustainable design as I have created objects for the small home spaces I have lived in -- a plantation shack on the Hamakua coast, a tiny teachers' cottage in the town of Kamuela, and, now, a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Amherst -- based on the needs of my family. My time in Hawaii and my increasing interest in green living have created a commitment to working with repurposed and responsibly sourced materials, and to minimizing waste in smart building endeavors.

I am eager to connect with clients who want to create spaces that meet their needs and bring aesthetic pleasure, using repurposed and environmentally friendly materials they can feel good about. 

I hope to make -- or help you make -- objects that are the right size and shape for your space and your aesthetic. With close to twenty years of teaching and coaching experience, I am an excellent communicator and educator, and I want to involve you in the process to exactly the extent you would like be part of it, whether that means sketching a quick outline of the piece you want, sending me a page of measurements and a color/paint palette, or visiting the studio and developing a vision for your piece. 

Back in New England after many years in rural Hawai'i, I am committed to bringing beauty, joy and simplicity into my customers' everyday lives, respecting the planet's limited resources and pricing my work sensibly.

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